Benefits to Marketing, Inc., Telemarketing Service(s), Hudson, NH

Account Mapping Services

Benefits To Marketing, Inc. (BTM) can help your sales team identify the correct decision makers within any organization. Starting with just a company name, BTM is able to build a complete organizational chart and structure of decision makers for your target prospects.

Lists degrade at an average of 38% per year, which means 4 out of 10 times if there even is a name, it will not be correct.

When targeting small to medium sized businesses, the issue is with the quantity of companies. There are so many companies that list providers cannot afford to identify and keep current multiple contacts with different roles and responsibilities within these companies.

When targeting large companies, the issue is with the number of contacts with varying roles. As a company becomes larger, the number of potential contacts with varying roles and responsibilities in different lines of business grows dramatically. The unique contact for your specific interest becomes more difficult and time consuming to find.

Sales people waste time every day calling into organizations and trying to find the correct decision makers. Use BTM to help reduce the time spent by your sales team identifying the correct decision makers and influencers. By knowing who to call, sales people are able to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in finding opportunities.