Benefits to Marketing, Inc., Telemarketing Service(s), Hudson, NH

Events & Seminars Services

Benefits To Marketing, Inc. (BTM) provides an array of specialized event marketing services that physically drive and increase attendee traffic making your next event, conference, keynote or tradeshow an overwhelming success.

Lack of event marketing, planning and promotions can be very costly. BTM provides event marketing services ranging from attendee education, promotions and registrations to identifying exhibit sales and sponsorship opportunities.

In today’s business environment, companies are consolidating, restructuring and downsizing, which makes your prospects and marketing efforts that much more important. Below are the types of services and campaigns we provide insuring an immediate impact on your next event.

  • Event & Conference Promotions: Initiate business, personal and professional event and program invites. Identify, educate and interact while facilitating detailed call reports.  Clients appreciate a live and thoughtful call.
  • Event Registration: Schedule and register attendees while acquiring additional "best-fit" attendees through our business intelligence analysis and solutions. 
  • Exhibit Sales Nurturing & Generation: Identify and provide more qualified exhibitors, sponsorships and business prospects and increase the success of your event while shortening sales cycles.
  • Extended Account Mapping Efforts: Capture and compile critical contact information necessary for improving quality attendance of future marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • Post Event Follow up: Gather immediate customer feedback and experiences.  Conduct surveys to determine program successes and faults improving events.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns: Provide targeted time sensitive direct mail and email marketing programs introducing your corporate event message.
  • Email Promotions: Provide periodic email program notifications with relevant event information, marketing literature and an online registration link.
  • Custom List Verification and Cleansing:  Provide a labor intensive and valuable marketing effort to update and cleanse database information necessary every few years depending upon industry.
  • Database Management and Maintenance: Compile and correlate databases and contacts.  Facilitate electronic lead transfers, manage client relationship and provide database maintenance tasks and solutions.

BTM can provide event marketing professionals that have the experience and know how in increasing attendance and identifying exhibit sales for your next event.

For additional information please contact Don Fitzgerald -CEO at 978-512-9371 or